fast rules

Bald, Jushoutouzu singers such as the Inter-like movie star cool completed; wealthy boss, mountain climbing expedition to Dengfeng, the lone person to experience the stimulation; there is no difference between body
The text of young students, Ta-Qing can picnic, enjoy the scenery Qingshanxiushui; Xianpinaifu not fashion, who are on equal footing. As long as your state of mind
Well, no sense of inferiority Ziyuan, the lives of the poor, can still live out of fashion taste; difficult environment, but also to find fashion's shadow.
In fact, fashion is no hard and fast rules, nor is it only specific types of people, it is just a feeling everyone is a side of life
Style. Fashion and not only dress and full of personality Zhang Xian, nor is it an alternative Jushoutouzu air. Fashion is more a state of mind,
A concept and thinking. It is inherent in these things, to affect your life, and guide your understanding and your thoughts and organic life balance
Together. When the fashion is not mysterious, nor is it you do not like on a backward fashion. Fashion is its own thing, nothing to do with other people's feelings. As long as fashion
With its own personality characteristics, economic strength, occupational status, age, in line with you in the pursuit of such a process be happy, Lee has been in the process of
Altruism would you be happy, others will also be happy.


Have seen such a period. A hermit asked passers-by what is "edge." Xiangleyihui hermit said: edge of life is, life is the edge. This person could hear confused, and ask the monks. Monk said: edge is the former practice. The man did not own the former, the Buddha asked. Buddha is not the phrase, a finger of cloud on the horizon. The man looked off the clouds from clouds, the wind things, the epiphany: not for the edge, the edge of wind, the wind variable. Yun Ju is the edge, the edge is scattered clouds.
The story in the eyes of many people understand love between men and women into the edge, in fact, point to the Buddha in the horizon, how can anyone say things are not included in Vientiane this fate?
I have a lot of people asked: Do you believe that heterosexual friendship is very pure it? A lot of people put it this way: do not believe or not believe.
I believe it is.
There are a variety of feelings. Including love, affection and friendship. The vast sea of humanity, and who is to meet its own fate. Men and women to get along, but also a margin. Such a fate may be due to the length of the conclusion. Some only one side of the edge, and do not speak the same words. Some of it you can never be the unforgettable, and also would like to forget not to be forgotten. Even the moment of contact will let you have it as friends, as if already familiar with the Many Lives, Many Masters, just a good feeling for a long time has not been met. This feeling is not just between lovers, between friends there are always the Yijianrugu Brief Encounter.
Men and women live longer, then alternate sincerity, to meet the acquaintance with many life-long friend and then to each other and set a good hundred years, this is a day for natural beauty. This may be the world's situation is not limited to the above love. Because love can only belong to the group does not belong to each other. This is only one life can put you heart, you can no regrets, and life was accompanied by the existence of mania. There's this? Life, you will not only one of the opposite sex and you are coming and going in the running of Red Dust.

theme : 快樂小日子。
genre : 日记心得

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